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The ONLY ostomy protection/stoma guard/stoma shield made  by a SDVOSB!

The ONLY stoma guard with a 2 year warranty!

Ostomy Armor protects the stoma, maintains the seal on the barrier and prevents hernias, drastically reducing leaks and restoring quality of life.

Veterans: If the VA buys your ostomy supplies, you can request our product by name. 


                                 DUNS:    022916002

                                 CAGE:    7DJX2

                                 EIN:        20-5109254



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When your clients are looking for a stoma guard, a stoma shield or an ostomy belt, buy them the very best. You can restore dignity and a quality of life to those with an ostomy. We know that you are tasked with getting the best value for money, as well as considering the socio-economic category of vendor. 

Buy the highest quality products first, save your agency money and meet your purchasing mandates at the same time. Confused about which product to buy?

 Watch product comparison videos here

'Stoma pain? Leaks? Which product would YOU buy? We compared products for you. Save money, save your stoma. Buy the best the first time. A comparison video is now available on our website. See for yourself how the

We are the ONLY SDVOSB manufacturing ostomy protection and

the ONLY product with a 2 year warranty.

Government purchasing agents: VA, VAMC, DOD, DOC, BIA, and all other government purchasing agents can purchase our products. We accept government purchase cards and purchase orders. We count many VAMC regions as our customers and we can take care of your region.

If your patients or clients have an ostomy, we have the products they need.  No other product is as durable as Ostomy Armor. Ostomy Armor customers do things that NOBODY else with an ostomy can do. Customers include weight lifters, police officers, firefighters, hunters and sports enthusiasts, as well as those in wheelchairs and confined to bed. 

We understand life with an ostomy! Staff/purchase agents and customers are always welcome to contact us to ask any questions. We know what life with an ostomy is like and we have solutions that work.

You CAN purchase from us. If you have been told that you can only buy from vendors on a schedule or in the NAC, that is incorrect. If your agency does not list as us a vendor in your system, we can easily fix that. Every governmental agency has one (or more) persons designated as a Government Purchasing Card Manager and/or a Small Business Vendor Specialist who can assist you. We can become a vendor in your region and you can purchase the products that your veteran/service member/client wants.

If you know the products you wish to purchase, you can fax a Purchase Order to  719 689 5877.

You will receive a confirmation email or phone call within 24 business hours.

If you do not receive confirmation of your order, please contact us.  

719 689 0203 or: gwilks@ostomyarmor.com


                                                                     DUNS:    022916002

                                                                     CAGE:    7DJX2

                                                                     EIN:        20-5109254

(Shipping costs not included in prices. For Armor orders, we will need a waist size, side of stoma (left/right), foam choice, cut-out choice, buckle choice and color.)

All federal buyers can purchase our products.

Name of business: Scott Aeromechanical R&D, 5189 CR 71, Guffey, CO 80820

Phone: 719 689 0203, Fax: 719 689 5877 cell: 719 235 0229

Email: gwilks@ostomyarmor.com

We are a SDVOSB certified veteran business (Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business)

Our Products

We carry a complete line of ostomy protection products – belts, kits, and accessories.  View all our products here.

VAMC Purchasing

 VIEW / DOWNLOAD OUR INFO PACKET HERE! (.pdf) The ONLY ostomy protection/stoma guard/stoma shield made  by a SDVOSB! The ONLY stoma guard with a 2 year warranty! Ostomy Armor protects […]

Veterans – What To Do

    Welcome Veterans! If you are looking for the VERY BEST ostomy protection that will hold your barrier in place, prevent hernias and let you do anything, you’ve come […]

VA Ostomy Protection

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VA – Ostomy Armor Capability Statement (2017)


VAMC / SDVOSB Certification


Ostomy Armor Complete Product Brochure