Stoma Guards, Hernia Support for Veterans

DID YOU KNOW? Elastic ostomy belts cost thousands per year. 

Save money! Buy the only product that lasts for years. 

Available through Janz Corp, our distributor on the GSA.

 Inquires to: 

                        GSA schedule V797P-4232B

Or buy directly from the manufacturer: 

719 689 0203, Fax: 719 689 5877. 

                    DUNS: 022916002, CAGE: 7DJX2

Janz Corporation & Ostomy Armor Join Forces!!

The Janz Corporation is excited to announce partnership with Ostomy Armor, a world-class ostomy belt and stoma shield manufacturer that offers products that improve the ostomate patient’s quality of life.

Ostomy Armor inventor Gordon Scott is a U.S. Army Special Forces Veteran that became an ostomate patient….  click here to read the rest…